Rob Robinson

Rob's Bio


Rob Robinson is an American Singer-Songwriter. He has performed a variety of musical styles over the years including Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and Blues. Rob's musical roots were largely based on his involvement in drum corps within the well-known DCI movement. From the age of nine into his early twenties Rob was immersed in the drum corps activity and achieved much success. He became the first three-time DCI national snare-drumming champion. He set record scores along the way and at a very young age became a sought after teacher and clinician. He became an endorsee for the Ludwig Drum Company and went on to teach and write for several university band programs and drum corps. Rob's experience in a variety of musical styles was a direct result of his involvement in drum corps as jazz and classical music were a regular part of the drum corps language. But his heart always had a special place for popular music and rock-n-roll.

Rob's interest in performing popular music started during his teenaged years. His passion for drumming led him into several bands and original music projects around the Philadelphia area. Rob would eventually go on to tour and record with roots based artist Ben Vaughn who really had a profound influence on his music appreciation. As Rob toured the US and Europe extensively he was introduced to a variety of new music and artists. These influences had a huge impact on the direction of his own music and ideas. The focus would soon shift from drumming to writing and singing his own songs. 

And so a new journey began into songwriting while continuing to drum for many artists around the Philly area including Suzanne Gorman and Amy Carr. In 2009 Rob began work on his first solo album and in the fall of 2013 "Catchin' A Ride" was released. In 2014 Rob signed on with his old friend Lou DeMarco and the Momentary Love Management Group. Since then he has taken his music on the road to many US cities including New York, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Norfolk, Nashville and Memphis. He has also been a featured guest on NPR's Acoustic Highway. Rob continues to drum for artists such as Suzanne Gorman and Memphis based singer-songwriter Dan Montgomery. He is also an active clinician in the rudimental drum community and in 2007 was inducted into the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame. In 2012 Rob returned to his roots by competing and winning the DCA national snare-drumming competition. He is currently working on a follow-up solo album.